Four easy ways to score cheap phones

As much as we’d love to buy our phones brand new, we don’t always have the disposable income. Then again, why buy new when you can buy refurbished? The quality is as good as new, and you get to spend all that money you saved on something else. You also get the added benefits of making a sustainable purchase that’s better for the environment. (Just remember the mantra? Reduce, reuse, recycle...) So courtesy of Cellect, here’s our top four tips to scoring cheap phones.


4- Go for seconds

Second hand phones can be a fraction of the price of their equivalents in new models, and this is probably the cheapest option. With pre-loved phones, you don’t get as much of a guarantee as to their quality, so although this is the cheapest option it’s not necessarily the best. For those who are willing to take the gamble, search for used phones on classifieds websites, ebay, or more established recycle stores like Cash Converters.


3- Buy direct online

Although this is technically buying new, you can often get a better price by purchasing directly from the manufacturer online than you can by purchasing in store. This way you cut out the middleman retailer to get a cheaper phone. You can also sign up to newsletters of your favourite phone brands to hear about specials and receive discount codes.


2- Do a sneaky call-out

This method is used by students moving into sharehouses when they send out an email to their work and social networks calling out for furniture and appliances. Most people have something lying around that they have no use for. Do the same with pre-loved mobile phones and you may receive one for free. Alternatively, persuade a partner, parent or sibling (ideally someone who’s due for an upgrade and has plenty of cash) to upgrade their phone. Say hello to your free new phone.


1- Refurbished phone sites
Refurbished mobile phones are becoming more and more popular. They’re sold at second hand prices but have been quality checked before sold, and often come with a warranty for at least three months. Unlocked and in mint condition, how could you say no? Refurbished iphones and refurbished Samsungs are obvious choices for those after a top tier mobile phone for a reasonable price.